Alexander Hamilton’s Response to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Poem at the White House

Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Poem about Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton recently viewed Lin-Manuel Miranda’s poem about Hamilton, which Miranda performed at the White House Spoken Word event on May 12, 2009. Since Hamilton didn’t have Alex Lacamoire, the award-winning musical director, he enlisted the help of Thomas Jefferson to accompany his piece.

Special thanks to Quinn Wilson, the Director of Photography for this performance.


I set the precedence for presidents
No apologies, all arrogance
An off the boat American
Workin harder for tomorrow
Than half these privileged citizens
First generation immigrant
Fought to keep my relevance
Didn’t lose my innocence
Traded it in for common sense
I turned cents into dollars
Well hell, I created dollars
I preached and I scholarred
But you never heard my father
When I hollered never bothered
To call or write back Dad
But wait- Oh no, I’m getting off track
There’s another man I gotta attack
Picked up the pen, I tried the sword
But my favorite weapon was my word
You may have shot me Mr. Burr
But look now, oh my how the tables have turned!

Vice President Aaron Burr
His name may sound quite obscure
His face never made it on money
I find that kinda funny
Fact that he kills me is quite absurd

Mr V.P. to the U.S. of A.
Mr Attorney General to New York State
As I lay there with a fatal gunshot through my liver
My spine was made to look like nothing more than a sliver
Prayin there next to the river I felt sick
I heard Death call out but I didn’t answer quick
I quivered from the pain, shock, and the surprise
I looked up to my friend, saw triumph flood to his eyes
He thought my demise would be his free ride
Two orphaned bankers you think we’d be on the same side
We could have kissed we could have hugged
We could have made a little love
But when I purposefully missed you, man
You hit me with a slug
Now I’m layin weak and restless in a pool of my own blood
I start to think, Oh God just look how far that I have come
Foolish dreams, foolish pride, foolish thoughts, foolish love
Now I’m sprawled out on my back eyes fixed on the sky above

Just two Founding Fathers who acted more like brothers
We could make Cain and Abel look like toddlers
But looking back now if I could have my druthers
I’d have taken pains to aim you mother-

Vice President Aaron Burr
Your name will sound quite obscure
You’ll be pardoned for treason
I hope you’ll find a reason
To keep living this life of yours

Vice President Aaron Burr
No mention in history books for you
For your cowardice and your shame
The average joe will never know your name
Your world will never be the same, Oh Aaron
The damn fool that shot Hamilton