January 21


Benjamin Franklin and the rest of the Founding Fathers hit up a Chicago bar for celebratory drinks and fun. They had the chance to eat pizza at Giordano’s and then sing karaoke at Trader Todds!

February 17


We’re having a birthday party for our good friend George Washington. It will be held at the appropriately named “Rebel Bar & Grill” and will feature an open bar from 8 to 9pm and a brief concert by none other

February 25

Founding Fathers at the Museum of Science and IndustryFounding Fathers at the Museum of Science and Industry 10Founding Fathers at the Museum of Science and Industry 9

On Saturday, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams visited Chicago’s world renown Museum of Science and Industry, We originally noticed the lightning exhibit and thought Ben would like it, so we decided to make a day out of it.

March 4


Since Casimir Pulaski did save General Washinton’s life, the least the men could do is join friend Alex for brunch at the Warsaw Inn!

March 3

Thomas Jefferson was lucky enough to get his first official gig, singing a song with Band Called Catch at the Beat Kitchen.  It was a blast and the rest of the founding fathers were able to join him on stage!

April 5

Thanks to our friend Hayley, John Adams got to attend a Chicago Bulls game. He even wandered on to the court at one point and had a run in with Benny the Bull.