Alexander Hamilton

Arriving in 2012 Chicago has made me more ambitious than ever and I will stop at no cost to achieve success. My brilliant business mind at times leads my fellow men to believe that I am full of greed. Meanwhile, I am merely looking to ensure that all assets acquired are managed by the hands of those that are most competent.

So far, I have found the women of modern America to be especially intriguing.

America is a game that I am going to win.


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December 31

Founding Fathers Brought to 2012

The American Revolutionaries for Freedom and Family Super PAC undertook the impossible. So many groups these days claim to be supporting the Founding Fathers. But ARFF went and got them so we could know for sure.

January 13
January 16
January 18

John Adams Clean Shave

John Adams has had the privilege of speaking to the manufacturer of his fine grooming product!

January 21

A Sonnet for Mindi

Your fiery curls flow like the brightest Sun Who heats the heavens with a freckled cheek. Your whisper howls hushing the harshest nun For Godly sounds sing simply when you speak. Your body governs much more than I’ll say, Which

January 25

January 27
February 1

February 17


We’re having a birthday party for our good friend George Washington. It will be held at the appropriately named “Rebel Bar & Grill” and will feature an open bar from 8 to 9pm and a brief concert by none other

February 6

An Aaron Burr Blog Takes Notice of Alexander Hamilton

Dear Reneexmaria, I have, of late, come across your Tumblr, and am very pleased you have taken me as the occasional inspiration for your images and quotations, like the one shared here. I see you are also fond of Mr.

February 8

February 12

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Buy the Calendar Now!

Alexander Hamilton earned $200 by convincing his fellow Founding Fathers to pose for this Sexy Founding Fathers Calendar. The calendar may not be the most proud moment in their lives, but if it helps get the electricity back on, then

February 14

February 16

Help Find James Madison

Dearest Friends, We have been in such a terrible state since the disappearance of James Madison. With the computer knowledge we have thus far acquired we created this poster, and will be placing them everywhere we can in hopes that

February 17

I Made America GIF Images

Dear Christina, We have of late come across your GIF images of us and were delighted. It is wonderful to have our spirits lifted in such a tragic time after James Madison’s disappearance. Please continue to create and share, whether

February 18

February 21
February 22

February 29

March 4


Since Casimir Pulaski did save General Washinton’s life, the least the men could do is join friend Alex for brunch at the Warsaw Inn!

March 3

Thomas Jefferson was lucky enough to get his first official gig, singing a song with Band Called Catch at the Beat Kitchen.  It was a blast and the rest of the founding fathers were able to join him on stage!

March 7

March 13
March 14

March 21
March 28

April 2