John Adams

Lawyer, statesman, diplomat…John Adams has an accomplished resume. Although he wasn’t the first President of the United States, he was the second…and that isn’t so bad, right?

Well, someone definitely thought so.

Even though John’s face isn’t on any American money (no money), he doesn’t have any sports teams named after him (no teams), and his wife probably has a larger fanbase than he does, some Super-PAC still decided he was worth kidnapping. They’ve brought him to 2012, along with five other Founding Fathers, in the hope of getting assistance in the upcoming election.

I pity the fool that tries to get stubborn John Adams to do something he doesn’t want to do. Adams put his foot down and refused to help the same people that were paying his per diem. I’m sure you can imagine how that went.

It’s been 211 years since John served his term and the years haven’t been kind. John wakes up every morning to grind the beans of life at a local Chicago coffee shop. He’s forced to babysit the, let’s face it, more childish Founding Fathers. And to top it all off, he’s falling for this girl that isn’t Abigail Adams, but is Abby (a.k.a. Maker of Enhanced Science Fiction Dioramas).

I Made of America tells the story of John Adams, his fellow Founding Fathers, and everything they’re getting up to in 2012 Chicago. You could Facebook or Tweet John to see what he’s up to right now. But, if I were you, I’d start at the very beginning….

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December 31

Founding Fathers Brought to 2012

The American Revolutionaries for Freedom and Family Super PAC undertook the impossible. So many groups these days claim to be supporting the Founding Fathers. But ARFF went and got them so we could know for sure.

January 7
January 18

January 21


Benjamin Franklin and the rest of the Founding Fathers hit up a Chicago bar for celebratory drinks and fun. They had the chance to eat pizza at Giordano’s and then sing karaoke at Trader Todds!

January 18

John Adams Clean Shave

John Adams has had the privilege of speaking to the manufacturer of his fine grooming product!

January 22
January 25

February 1

February 2

John Adams’ Resume

If you know of anyone who might be able to hire John Adams, please forward this on to them. He is in need of serious work to occupy his mind and to bring money to the founding fathers’ household. The

February 17


We’re having a birthday party for our good friend George Washington. It will be held at the appropriately named “Rebel Bar & Grill” and will feature an open bar from 8 to 9pm and a brief concert by none other

February 6

February 8

February 12

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Buy the Calendar Now!

Alexander Hamilton earned $200 by convincing his fellow Founding Fathers to pose for this Sexy Founding Fathers Calendar. The calendar may not be the most proud moment in their lives, but if it helps get the electricity back on, then

February 14

February 16

Help Find James Madison

Dearest Friends, We have been in such a terrible state since the disappearance of James Madison. With the computer knowledge we have thus far acquired we created this poster, and will be placing them everywhere we can in hopes that

February 17

I Made America GIF Images

Dear Christina, We have of late come across your GIF images of us and were delighted. It is wonderful to have our spirits lifted in such a tragic time after James Madison’s disappearance. Please continue to create and share, whether

February 18

February 22

February 25

Founding Fathers at the Museum of Science and IndustryFounding Fathers at the Museum of Science and Industry 10Founding Fathers at the Museum of Science and Industry 9

On Saturday, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams visited Chicago’s world renown Museum of Science and Industry, We originally noticed the lightning exhibit and thought Ben would like it, so we decided to make a day out of it.

February 29

March 4


Since Casimir Pulaski did save General Washinton’s life, the least the men could do is join friend Alex for brunch at the Warsaw Inn!

March 3

Thomas Jefferson was lucky enough to get his first official gig, singing a song with Band Called Catch at the Beat Kitchen.  It was a blast and the rest of the founding fathers were able to join him on stage!

March 7

March 13
March 14

March 21
March 28

April 5

Thanks to our friend Hayley, John Adams got to attend a Chicago Bulls game. He even wandered on to the court at one point and had a run in with Benny the Bull.

April 24
May 13
May 20