Transmedia Storytelling

I Made America uses different forms of media to deliver one comprehensive story, a format commonly referred to as transmedia storytelling.   Our story permeates the lives of our audience members by bringing the characters to life through multiple online and offline channels – meeting people in real-time, delivering one small piece of the narrative structure.  You can watch a web series of the Founding Fathers online, listen to a song by Thomas Jefferson at open mic night, converse with Benjamin Franklin on Twitter about the latest gadgets, find that George Washington is competing against you on, read a love poem Alexander Hamilton wrote, attend a John Adams campaign rally, or run into them all at a local bar.

Transmedia storytelling mirrors the way we tell our own stories every day, through the use of Facebook and Twitter, and we think that’s what make I Made America infinitely more fun.

When you interact with one of the Founding Fathers, you in essence become a character yourself.  By merging fiction with reality, we’re able to blur the lines between who is an actor and who is a real person.  Though you may only have encountered a part of the story along the way, we encourage our audience to follow along through our multiple profiles and to check frequently for opportunities to participate!