The Story Thus Far

Founding Fathers from I Made AmericaOn January 1, 2012, six Founding Fathers, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison were kidnapped from their own time and brought to 2012 by the Americans Revolutionaries for Freedom and Family (ARFF) Super PAC.

Shortly thereafter, ARFF abandoned the Founding Fathers, leaving them penniless and alone in Chicago. The Founders were quick to make new friends and have since started to make their own way in the modern world.

James Madison has not been well since the Founding Fathers arrived in 2012, and each week sees him slip deeper into madness. A different Founding Father is assigned to watch him each day.

Alexander Hamilton met a lady named Mindi, and quickly struck up a relationship with her. Mindi was still reeling from a previous breakup though, so she wasn’t able to commit, which broke Hamilton’s heart. Hamilton also got very clingy, although he’d never admit that.

In their next week of modern life, John Adams attempted to secure a job as a lawyer, but came up empty handed. The Founding Fathers also discovered how electricity bills work, when they discovered they had not been paying theirs. Their power is currently off.

On Saturday, January 21, they ventured out to Giordano’s Pizza nad to Trader Todd’s for karaoke and to celebrate Benjamin Franklin’s birthday.

Thomas Jefferson refused to get a traditional job, and instead has decided to focus his creative efforts on making music.

George Washington landed a job with Parker & Gray LLC as their office manager. But Caroline, one of his co-workers is very unhappy with his work.

While watching James Madison, Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton discovered a strange thing about Madison’s incoherent ramblings… that Madison is predicting the future.