Ok so our original plan was to film a Heartbeat per week in two shoot days. Well….ha yeah.

New plan.

So instead we are shooting three days a week and not filming just one heartbeat a week. We are filming whatever we can fit into a shoot day. As we started filming we realized that filming an episode a week wouldn’t fit based on our location availability and actor’s schedule. At the same time we have to film in episode order as much as possible because we have to be ready to launch the episodes in order as we are filming later ones. Oh did I also mention that not every episode is written… So now we are jumping around from episode to episode.

Although overwhelming at first, this process has turned out to work quite well. We have set up a method of sending out a weeks worth of the shooting schedule the day after our weekly producer’s meeting. This allows everyone to plan for the next week, keeps us from falling behind on call sheets, and allows the live events producers to plan immersions.

This whole process has so many moving parts that it gets crazy, but man is it fun to sort through.