Scott Danielson, George Washington & Writer

Scott Danielson, George Washington - I Made AmericaScott is so incredibly excited to be a part of I Made America.  A graduate of Illinois State University, Scott has been acting professionally in and around Chicago since 2005.  Scott has mostly appeared in musicals throughout the years (Marriott Lincolnshire, Drury Lane, Pheasant Run), but Scott is no stranger to the wonderful store front stages of Chicago as well (BoHo Theatre Ensemble, Mary-Arrchie, Signal Ensemble Theatre, et al.). Scott also lends his voice every week to the Octavarius podcast.  A huge thank you to Marc and the rest of Octavarius for giving him the chance to play the coolest founding father of them all.  For more information, please visit Thank you to his beautiful wife Susan for her unending support.  Love to Sookie and Shakespeare.