The Search for Missing Madison Begins

Download the Missing Madison Flyer

In a desperate attempt to locate James Madison, Alexander Hamilton enlists a few members of the I Made America crew, those documenting their experience in 2012 Chicago, to help. The Founding Fathers have been searching for Madison hours at a time during the day and throughout the night. There just aren’t enough of them, or enough time, to search the entire city.

James is most likely in Chicago, but he may have ventured outside the city so if you are in other parts of the country, please put up flyuers just in case.

If you spot Madison, please post the date, time and location on Alexander Hamilton’s Facebook wall and we’ll follow up. If you can get a picture that’s even better.

To print out your own “James Madison Missing” poster, please click here:

Let us know if you post any as well so we do not duplicate efforts.

Thank you in advance for your constant vigilance.

Download the Missing Madison Flyer