Graceful Disobedience – Week 10 & 11

George Washington and Caroline’s relationship has heated up quite a bit the past week, but they are keeping it under wraps. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson return home to find their apartment has been burgled. In one of the back rooms, Franklin finds a hat that could only belong to James Madison, so he and Jefferson take to the streets in search of their missing friend. John Adams and Alexander Hamilton are stuck preparing for Adams’ big campaign announcement with Rick Darvey, their new campaign manager.

The big campaign event finally arrives, and the evening is full of surprises.

Benjamin Franklin – Keith Habersberger
Alexander Hamilton – Nick Cardiff
Thomas Jefferson – Matt “Tinz” Herzau
James Madison – Logan Dean
George Washington – Scott Danielson
John Adams – Brian Wohl
Directed by Marc Muszynski
Written by – Josh Nordmark
Story by – Josh Nordmark and Marc Muszynski
Produced by – Erica Lynn Schmeck and Catherine Foster
Production Manager – Lauren Aimone
Edited by – Keith Habersberger

Caroline – Becky Blomgren
Rick Darvey – Chris Bogue
Abby – Lisa Ridarelli
The Watcher – Chad Wise
The Handler – Nick Izzo

Theme Song by Keith and Tinz (+Klahsio)
Theme Song Mastering – Matt Richert
Additional Scoring by Matt “Tinz” Herzau

Casting by Lauren Aimone and Marc Muszynski

Director of Photography – Tony Schiavone & Dean Cardiff
Gaffer / Grip – Michael P. Noens
Production Sound Mixer – Ashley Alysa France
Assistant Camera Operator/Gaffer – Dean Cardiff
Assistant Production Sound Mixer – Evelyn Arteaga
Executive Story Editor – Josh Nordmark
Post Production Supervisor – Michael P. Noens
Colorist / Assistant Editor – Tony Schiavone
Sound Editor – Ashley Alysa France
Location Manager – Becky Blomgren
Executive in Charge of Production for Octavarius
Lauren Aimone
Executive in Charge of Production for CNGM Pictures
Michael P. Noens

Special thanks to the Lincoln Park Builder’s Club.

Special thanks to the amazing donors who made this project possible. Read the full list here.

I Made America Transmedia Producers
Executive Producer – Marc Muszynski
Producer (Operations) – Lauren Aimone
Producer (Social Media) – Frank McDade
Producer (Music) – Keith Habersberger
Producer (Live Events) – Brian Wohl
Producer (Immersions) – Lisa Ridarelli
Producer (Writing) – Josh Nordmark
Associate Producers (Social Media) – Caitlin Boylan, Tanya Ferrell
Co-Producers – Chris Bogue, Matt Castellvi, Matt Gutierrez, Nick Mikula

Political Advisor – Chirs Bogue

Public Relations/Marketing – Robin Clement