A Man of Import (7 Days Without Electricity) – Week 3

After 7 days without electricity, no money, and heartbreak (at least for Alexander Hamilton), the Founding Fathers are still fighting for jobs. George Washington applies for an Office Manager position at one of the law firms John Adams visited last week. Thomas Jefferson takes his music to the streets. And Adams declares his intention to be “a man of import, in this or any age!” Whether that means a law firm or a coffee shop, John Adams is determined to get a job.

Benjamin Franklin – Keith Habersberger
Alexander Hamilton – Nick Cardiff
Thomas Jefferson – Matt “Tinz” Herzau
James Madison – Logan Dean
George Washington – Scott Danielson
John Adams – Brian Wohl
Directed by Marc Muszynski
Written by – Josh Nordmark and Marc Muszynski
Produced by – Erica Lynn Schmeck and Catherine Foster
Production Manager – Lauren Aimone
Edited by – Keith Habersberger

Parker – Carlo Garcia
Gray – Scott Hogan
Mindi – Katherine Cunningham
Barista – Kristen King
Receptionist – Becky Miller
Caroline – Becky Blomgren
Co-worker – Courtney Fontaine
Josh – Josh Nordmerk

Theme Song by Keith and Tinz (+Klahsio)
Theme Song Mastering – Matt Richert
Additional Scoring by Matt “Tinz” Herzau

Casting by Lauren Aimone and Marc Muszynski

Director of Photography – Tony Schiavone
Gaffer / Grip – Michael P. Noens, Catherine Foster
Production Sound Mixer – Ashley Alysa France
Assistant Camera Operator/Gaffer – Dean Cardiff
Assistant Production Sound Mixer – Evelyn Arteaga
Executive Story Editor – Josh Nordmark
Post Production Supervisor – Michael P. Noens
Colorist / Assistant Editor – Tony Schiavone
Sound Editor – Ashley Alysa France
Executive in Charge of Production for Octavarius
Lauren Aimone
Executive in Charge of Production for CNGM Pictures
Michael P. Noens

Special thanks for the Aje Cafe for allowing us to use their beautiful location.

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I Made America Transmedia Producers
Executive Producer – Marc Muszynski
Producer (Operations) – Lauren Aimone
Producer (Social Media) – Frank McDade
Producer (Music) – Keith Habersberger
Producer (Live Events) – Brian Wohl
Producer (Immersions) – Lisa Ridarelli
Producer (Writing) – Josh Nordmark
Associate Producers (Social Media) – Caitlin Boylan, Tanya Ferrell
Co-Producers – Chris Bogue, Matt Castellvi, Matt Gutierrez, Nick Mikula

Political Advisor – Chirs Bogue

Public Relations/Marketing – Robin Clement

Nick “Klahsio” Klahs, Ricky Hashemeyer, Lisa Ridarelli, Frank McDade, Keith Habersberger, Chris Bogue, Brian Wohl, Scott Danielson, Matt “Tinz” Herzau, Logan Dean, Nick Cardiff

Copyright © 2012 I Made America LLC All Rights Reserved
This photoplay is a dramatization based on real life historical persons. All other characters and events are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
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