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Every donation made on IndieGoGo is being matched! So every dollar you put in will double!

What is “I Made America”?


“I Made America” is a transmedia comedy about six founding fathers who are kidnapped from their own time and brought to 2012 to be used as props in the upcoming election. After discovering the founding fathers disagree politically with everyone now (and one too many practical jokes) they are cut off, leaving them penniless, unemployed, and alone in Chicago. The story follows these six men, the rock stars of their time, fighting to regain their former status when they are 200 years out of place.

What is this Transmedia Thing About?

“I Made America” uses different media at the same time to tell one ongoing story. You can watch a video of the Founding Fathers online, listen to a song written by Thomas Jefferson, have a conversation with Benjamin Franklin on Facebook or Twitter, find that George Washington is your match on OkCupid, read a love poem Alexander Hamilton wrote on Missed Connections, attend a John Adams campaign rally, or run into them all at a local bar.

It’s storytelling that mirrors the way we tell our own stories in 2012, and we think it will make “I Made America” infinitely more fun, especially because when you’re interacting with the Founding Fathers, you become a character.

Where You Come In

We currently have 15 producers working on “I Made America,” specializing in video, writing, live events, music, social media, video games, and cartoons. There are also two production companies supporting the project: CNGM Pictures (video) and Octavarius (live events, comedy).

The producers and production companies together have raised a little over $20,000 (not including donated gear and donated time), but to make “I Made America” happen, we need around $30,000. This is why we need your help!

What We Need

We found an amazing donor to match any contributions made here will double! So to get the $10,000 we still need, we only have to raise $5,000 here on IndieGoGo.That $10,000 will cover our remaining expenses, including:

  • Lighting Equipment – $2800
  • Costumes $2400 ($400 x 6 characters)
  • CD Duplication $2200
  • Body Mics – $1800 ($200 x 6 characters)
  • Button Maker $350 (for Adams’ campaign buttons and Jefferson’s musician buttons)
  • The other stuff $500 (includes: better Internet connection, location fees, live event accessories, Vimeo Plus membership, fliers, props, incidental expenses)

What You Get

The most rewarding thing is the satisfaction and confidence that you’re a vital part of creating a revolutionary new entertainment project. On top of that, we wanted to add some fun stuff as our way of saying “Thank you” to the amazing people that make “I Made America” possible.

  • $10 – Special thanks credit and admission to the opening party on December 9, 2011 in Chicago
  • $20 – A personalized thank you haiku from the founding father of your choice and all of the above
  • $30 – A John Adams campaign button and all of the above
  • $50 – 2 tickets to any Octavarius Sunday night show at ComedySportz in Chicago and all the above.
  • $75 – Your haiku levels up to a personalized sonnet (Shakespearean or Italian, your choice) and all of the above.
  • $100 – Autographed copy of the Declaration of Independence and all the above
  • $150 – Small speaking role in one of the major scripted videos
  • $250 – Colonial Care Package and all of the above
  • $500 – Dinner with a Founding Father and all the above
  • $1000 – Associate Producer credit, and personalized updates about the project before they go live to the public and, you guessed it, all of the above.


Other Ways You Can Help

Please share this with anyone you know who loves history and comedy! Not only will it help spread the word, but the more active this campaign is the better chance we have of being featured on IndieGoGo!  Go forth and spread the word, Patriots!