Erica Schmeck, Video Producer

Erica is crazy excited to be working on I Made America. She graduated from Illinois State University where she got a B.S. in Theatre. Since graduating, she has used her degree to dive into Chicago’s film industry as producer. Most recently she produced a pilot (The Crunket Firm) with MORE Productions and was the Production Manager for the feature film Anything is Possible(DStreet Films). Erica also had the pleasure of working as Production Manager for Amarok Productions 3D film I Heart Shakey. Since graduation she has had a small love affair with CNGM Pictures where she produced two features (Two Days in February and Darren and Abbey), a short (Out Secured), a training video for Fantasy Diamond, a Music Video (Romina), and severed as Artistic Director for a year. Erica made her directing début with “For the Sinews in her Foot Steps” a music video and the short film “Out Secured”. If she isn’t producing you can find her wandering about Chicago looking for good food and fun. Erica would like to thank everyone working on this project for their dedication, and the people supporting this project for ability to see the many different ways we can share stories and find fun in the world. Finally, she wants to thank her family (this includes friends, you know who you are) for never letting her stop doing what she loves and pushing her forward.